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Re: mirrorless are less serious . . .

You could equally turn that round and say the only advantage of a DSLRS is fast Af.  Since I was talking mostly about landscapes, that's not a factor for me, and  I understand that "me" isn't everyone.  A tripod is fundamental for landscape work - for compositional precision, if I want to shoot with an IR filter with the long exposures that entails, If I have a high contrast scene and I want to bracket and combine different exposures, if I want a longer exposure for a number of reasons.  Why is leaving a DSLR at home a sign of unseriousness but leaving a tripod isn't when it has far more impact on he overall rsult?

As for weight, well I went through a period of buying and selling gear on ebay and tested out loads of different equipment types and I've carried all kinds of cameras up mountains ranging from large format to DSLRs to mirrorless and it does make a difference. Joe Cornish is one of my favourite photographers and  I was reading his book on Scotland's mountains not long ago and my admiration was only increased thinking about the sheer physical effort involved dragging his Ebony view camera up those mountains.  You're right, theoretically it won't limit how far you can go but it sure does affect how long you can go before your backpack starts to hurt and your muscles ache  and consequently how likely you are to get out of bed he next day and repeat it!

The point you make about controls depends on the camera.  I had an Olympus Epl1 which had terrible controls.  My X Pro has more manual controls than most cameras.  Other points fepend on the user.  I realised using , y X Pan and Voigtlander Bessa rangefinders that the numerous aevantages of an SLR simply werent relevant for much of my photography.  I think these debates are misguided because they assume there is one ootimum solution for everyone.  There isn't.   Ive found my solution after a lot of experimenting.  For other people, for most, that solution will be a DSLR for sure.

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