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Re: Why you love your DSLR

paulj623 wrote:

There have been a lot of threads lately about never using a dslr again and going mirrorless etc. besides a fast auto focus of the dslr please share more reasons why you love your dslr and have chosen to use it as your main camera as well.

Although I have just sold my last dSLR (Nikon D700), I can still point to a number of reasons why people would stick to them, or why I'd recommend a dSLR over a mirrorless even for a newbie photographer:

1- AF speed.  My D700 was lightning quick, and accurate, and if I were shooting sports why would I want to compromise?  Some are pretty good, especially the top end m43, but if you have to start the sentence with 'close to dSLR speed', then why not just get a dSLR?

2- Lens choice.  That Nikon mount has been alive and well for over double my own lifetime, so it's not surprising there's so much glass available for it.

3- Battery life.  Having the sensor only active when the photo is taken, and the LCD only active when reviewing means battery life is amazing.  I used to go for 3 day weekends, carrying a couple of spare fully charged batteries, but finding that I still had 30% left on the original by the time I came home.

4- Buttons! Bigger bodies, means more space for intuitive button placement.  Not everyone wants to have to dive into a menus system to get to some functions, and not everyone wants to have to cherry pick their favourite functions to assign to a custom key/menu. It's taken some getting used to my NEX-6 (and even more on my NEX-5N!).

I think it is funny that people say they want to leave their best cameras home for vacation which is the opportunity to get your best once in a lifetime shots.

It depends what a vacation is for you.  If you're a complete photo nut, then no - you are probably going on vacation in order to get those photos - in which case you would never leave your DSLR at home.

For the rest of us, photography is just part of our lives, and vacations are prioritised around say relaxation, doing sports, spending time with families/friends, experiencing a new culture ...etc.  Lugging 3-5kg of full frame DSLR and the associated lenses and tripods works against those goals.  If you downsize to APS-C then you've lost any image quality advantage vs. mirrorless and it becomes harder to justify the size/weight.

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