Olympus Viewer 3 Q's

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Paul Auclair Veteran Member • Posts: 4,591
Olympus Viewer 3 Q's

I am wondering WTF is with me and/or this app...

Two big issues.

1-Batch editing.

2-Saving an edited file(s).

So...I used the 'Help' file and learned how to create/apply a batch file. Easey peasey....

I learned how to apply that batch file to any other "SINGLE" file in the folder. great but batch processing means to me that I should be able to apply an edit (or set of edits) to MORE THAN ONE FILE AT A TIME...NO?!??

How the hell do I apply a batch file to "SEVERAL" files at once?

I used to do it before.

In other versions of Oly there was a button that said "Apply current edit settings to all selected files". real simple and easy...do an edit to one image then highlight several others and click a button..DONE!!!

Why the added difficulties with Viewer 3?

2 Why the heck can I not simply click a "Save" button once a file has been edited?

Why do I have to "Export" then select folder then select click save then agree to overwrite existing file and son on for every frig'n file!!!

I stopped using LightRoom because I can no longer figure out how to open a file folder to see the pictures.

Am I really this retarded retarded?

I've written/downloaded/installed and used tonnes of actions for Photoshop?

I do not think I am this retarded.

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