Why you love your DSLR

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Re: Why you love your DSLR

I'd have to say I love the SLR design and what it does in general as opposed to just narrowing it down to a DSLR.
I do prefer using manual focus 35mm film cameras. A DSLR won't hold a candle to it in terms of size, weight, viewfinder, ergonomics and most of the time lens quality. There is a greater sense of having a 1:1 relationship with a manual SLR. I can concentrate on the subject instead of so many buttons and options on the camera. While I am totally aware I am losing out in terms of ISO performance, instant review and a cleaner output, I'm perfectly willing to sacrifice these things for the benefits I get otherwise. I use medium format SLR's as well, mainly for studio use and while I enjoy the output from these I prefer the freedom that 35mm gives outdoors. Plus I have more lenses for the 35mm format.
As for what I like about SLR's and DSLR's over say, rangefinders and the new breed of mirrorless digital cameras, it's that instant and pure feedback from the lens through the finder. I don't want to be bugged by the distractions that are imposed on changing this optical through the lens viewing design. A rangefinder is great for keeping the camera small in a fixed lens design (even though I have a 6x9, see below) The viewfinder can be made to suit the lens perfectly if fixed, but as soon as you make it an interchangeable lens then a whole host of complications and limitations are put on the system.
I don't think I need to say anything about EVF's here, as there isn't anything nice for me to add in that regard.
Below, 6x9 Fuji Rangefinder besides an Olympus OM-1

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