Power supply for 550D (Not charger, continuous power)

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Re: Canon's website

I've been using 3rd party Camera AC Adapters for almost 10 years.  I've been using them on Canon DSLRs for 4 years.  I just purchased my first 2 "Canon" brand AC adapters last week, at $70 a pop.

So, I opened up the beautiful, heavy duty packaging, and the soft plastic wrap, only to find one of the connectors (1/2 an inch from the power block "reinforcement) kinked to the point that it was barely connected to the block.  Nice...  The overall construction was no better than the "cheapies" I've been buying, except that the block was heavier.  It also had a ferrite noise filter on the cable, which go for $1 each on Amazon. 
It's simple electronics.  As long as your Power Supply is rated 7.4v 2a, and it has an overload protection circuit (it's a requirement to sell them in the USA) the worst it can do is NOT supply your required DC current (7.4v is NOT a lot of juice, for reference) and your camera will stop.  The only thing it will hurt is your pride, not your camera.

All that I can say is, in all the years (10) I've used "cheapie" aftermarket AC adapters, I've never had one fail on a shoot (and I use them all the time).  Sure, they are not as heavy duty as the Canon unit, but the one I bought had the same grade power cable, and molded end, and even the battery block was a dead ringer (except for the Canon logo). 
Now, I always carry 2 spares in my road case, just like I carry replacement bulbs for my Pro light, and extra stands, and you get the idea.

Sure, if you want to drop $70 on the OEM that's cool, but to me it's like dropping $60 each on extra batteries. Not necessary.

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