Any Lightroom 4 alternatives that cost less?

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Hey its free open source now and works GREAT for me.--

I've been a long time user and big fan of LightZone (I actually Paid for it!) and whilst it has some unique features, I'm finding highlight recovery in LightRoom to be better.

Maybe not true. I don't have LR 5 yet, but 4 doesn't recover any better than LZ for me at least. If the highlights are blown (or shadows blocked up) at capture, then they're gone. No body has a magic algorithm to recover pixels at level 255. If they're not blown at capture, then I think most programs will allow you to do excellent recovery, including LZ. Two caveats: You need to know the ins and outs of the program, and the raw profile has to be right.

Plus LightRoom has lens correction, which is not yet implemented in LightZone.


We know you are biased towards LightZone.

mmmmm, not maybe in the way that you think.  PS/CS is far superior in certain things, as is Painter.  PSPx5 is far superior in certain things.  Raw Therapee has the edge in detail extraction we think (not quite sure...). Lightroom is far superior in DAM and precise color management (via color checker passport) for repro work.  A number are now better in NR (although there was an interesting post about this on our forums, basically pointing out that as cameras get better and better in their own high iso abilities, NR capabilities of software become less and less important).  LR is obviously better in lens corrections and of course plug-ins.

So, I think I've got a pretty good handle on what LZ is strong in and where it is not.  What you have particularly mentioned is highlight recovery, and on this point I'm just not sure you're correct based on my own experience with my files in LR and LZ.  That's the point in contention here.

I tried LZ against each edition of LightRoom as they were released, up to LR3, and LightZone was better every time. However, with LR4 I think Adobe has the edge.
I'm talking about LR4.4 and I'm reluctant to go to LR5 while there are so many bugs.

How do I know if the raw profile is "right"? And when will LZ support my Canon 6D?

Well, you don't know if your raw profile is "right" in any software---except that LZ let's you hack it and maybe improve it.  I don't think that's true for other software.  As far as your particular camera is concerned, I think Doug has reported there is now a problem with the way Canon is doing their preview files.  So in LZ the browser doesn't handle them.  This is extremely unfortunate....but only a problem with several Canon cameras at this point.  And of course we rely on dcraw to be up to date---as do other softwares.  Adobe of course can engage a small army of paid software engineers to do raw profiles and anything else, so in that sense Adobe will always be ahead of everyone else.

I could also add that Lightroom allows me to use third party plug-ins, such as Topaz and OnOne. Will LightZone ever do that?

You "sound" peeved.

And, as I said above, this is one area where LR is better than LZ.  But we were talking about highlight recovery, yes?  That's the post I answered.  BTW, just for the record, it's not just LZ I'm thinking about.  I have doubts that any one bit of software is really better at this particular function than another if you are using the software optimally).

But if you want to move the goalposts out to consider things your first post didn't address specifically, then I have a different answer, as above, and I'll add:

I go on record here, as the co-founder and webmaster of The LightZone Project, as saying (and I've said it before in other threads, btw), that I have been an owner and user of Lightroom since its inception(I was an RSP user who got the program for free), have done paid upgrades through my current version, V4, will pay to upgrade to V5, and think that LR is one of the best deals in photo software currently available at its current price:  a genuine bargain, and from Adobe no less.  Mirabile dictu.  It is a superb program.  I always recommend people buy it.

Does this seem biased towards LZ to you?

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