MightyMike (and others) CIF with AF lens.

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soheil wrote:

Hi Ron,

Thanks for the technical DIYs you've been doing lately. Do you think messing up with the two contacts that works with SDM, can force the body to use screw driving motor?.

No. Been there and tried that many different ways. Cannot be done.

However, some folks have hacked the firmware. See the link below.


Personally, I have not tried to hack the firmware. Even after reading the instructions given I would not even know how to begin.

I bought myself an extra K10D that I installed firmware 1.20 on and it now has screwdrive for SDM lenses. Any newer firmware than 1.20 on the K10D gives you SDM drive and you cannot revert back to screwdrive.

Also, for what it's worth, the K100D (not the K100D Super) has screwdrive for SDM lnses.



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