Why you love your DSLR

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Re: Why you love your DSLR

paulj623 wrote:

There have been a lot of threads lately about never using a dslr again and going mirrorless etc. besides a fast auto focus of the dslr please share more reasons why you love your dslr and have chosen to use it as your main camera as well.

I use both; I can't say which is my main type of camera, but I like:

* optical viewfinder

* after taking a photo, you get back to the scene faster (less blackout time).

* battery life generally far better when not using LCD consantly

* ergonomics is not much of an issue to me since you can get some nice grippy mirrorless models

* some lens choices are cheaper and/or better (mirrorless choices have some good ones too so it's a mixed bag on value for performance)

I think it is funny that people say they want to leave their best cameras home for vacation which is the opportunity to get your best once in a lifetime shots.

Depends on many things here.

Lens choice varies (some better on mirrorless, some worse). Size of lenses (portability). Cost of lenses (pros and cons). Sensors vary and many are very close. Whether you want a silent shutter for the type of shooting you are doing (some mirrorless models offer this). Whether you want 100% live view or work better like this...whether video plays into it and whether you are making use of high-speed captures found on many mirrorless models, etc.

You can get better results than DSLRs just as you can get worse, depending on what you are doing and the DSLR and lens (and how much you know the camera, which is fairly important).

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