D7100 facial recognition?

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Re: D7100 facial recognition?

kevin Auyong wrote:

mosswings wrote:

The D7100 has face recognition in LiveView mode, but in PDAF mode it has something called "subject recognition", which basically picks out the closest object that appears different from the background.

LiveView autofocusing is glacially slow, and although LiveView face recognition can detect up to 35 faces and select the closest from amongst them, there's no guarantee that it will focus on that subject's near eye, only that it'll find a face and make the entire face reasonably in focus.

You're trying to substitute the camera's automatics for your own manual control of focus point in a situation that really is beyond the intention of the D7100's face recognition (precise focus on a particular part of a subject's face with a thin DOF lens), and that's not how the D7100 really wants to be operated. Particularly if you want to focus FAST - which requires PDAF, or something like a Series 1 or, I hate to say it, one of the mirrorless cameras, perhaps even the Canon 70D, all which have extremely responsive LiveView autofocusing.

If you're willing to live with subject detection AF through the viewfinder, you can get fast AF, but not with the selectivity that you're desiring.

Thanks for the answer. I currently shoot with a canon 5d mk11. Because I shoot with the camera rotated 90° as I photograph a lot of people individually. Canon has very focusing spots and I tend to use the three that are on the right-hand side when you hold the camera in a normal manner. Those three focusing spots tend to be not very sensitive. I can manually rotate through all the focusing spots by using one of the rotary dials.

Since the autofocus based on what you're telling me on the D 7100 seems to be very quick, I assume that I can manually pick out spots on the focusing grid. Is that correct? In that manner I can manually use those focus spots put over the nearest I of the subject. You think that will work. The reason I am looking into DD 7100 is because I am hoping that the focusing spots around the perimeter are more accurate than what the Canon has. The Canon edge focusing spots tend to be hit or miss, especially when the camera is rotated.

Like any Nikon or multi-focus-spot DSLR, you can select which focus point you want to use. Because there are so many of them on the D7100, the resolution with which you can do this is quite high, but there are regions of the frame that you can't reach. However, compared to the 5DII it's night and day. See this page of the DPR review for a picture of the viewfinder:


Only the central 15 of the 51 AF points are full cross-type; the ones to either side are single-directional. In practice, for portraiture, this doesn't make much difference, but compared to something like the 7D, where all AF points are cross-type, it's not as good.  One of the advantages of high AF point density is that you can set the camera to use the surrounding 9, 21, or 51 AF points to assist in keeping focus on the AF point you select.

So if I am not able to use the facial recognition on the autofocus through the viewfinder, if I can still use it in the same manner that I am using my Canon by manually selecting the autofocus points, that is fine. As long as the focus points are more accurate than what the Canon.Once again thanks for any answers.

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