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DuaneV wrote:

I gotta wonder if you might have a people problem. Without getting bent out of shape, seriously, maybe you just don't "click" with people, for lack of a better word that isn't a pun.

Im out of my house, word of mouth only, and my phones ringing off the hook every day. We had 7 walk-ins today alone, and that's not at all odd. Ive got a ton of seniors signed up and Im shooting them a few times a week, and I KNOW once school starts up itll be crazier. I turn down weddings left and right because they aren't worth it. My senior shoots aren't expensive, but they make up for it in sales.

If youre not getting anyone and youre sending out that many emails, mailers, etc., there is something wrong on a very deep level with you and your customers.

Maybe it's a people problem, or it could be a price problem. I looked at your site and see you have really cheap prices. Sometimes price over rules any personality problems.

I don't know your income and expenses, but I know at your prices with my studio overhead I would probably out of business

A few years ago I talked with another photographer who had a situation like yours but was in Indiana. He was pretty confident he was successful and did all the right things.

Well when something is fun and there's money to be made, it's going to attract others to want to do it also. Lo and behold a couple new photographers pop up in town and all of a sudden his business has dropped down to 50%.

I have another friend that runs a very successful portrait business out of her home and grosses about 300,000 a year. She told me all the customers loved her and she had a very high referral rate. Last year a new photographer opened up a studio in town. This year she is down hundred thousand dollars. I know exactly what she does love her business and how she treats customers and she's very good at what she does.

It wasn't a personality problem, it was the situation they are in. So if you're the only person in town now enjoy it while you can because if a couple of new photographers show up things may be quite different, Great personality or not.

I have known a few photographers that were fairly inexpensive like yourself. They had a lot of business but ultimately wound up closing shop after a few years because while they were busy, the total income they made was not enough to make ends meet. I am not saying that that is going to happen to you. For all I know you might be making a lot of cash out of this. I'm just saying what I know from meeting a lot of other photographers.

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hey really . . . I'm only trying to help

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