Warning: Weak plastic buckles on E-5 strap

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Re: Warning: Weak plastic buckles on E-5 strap

Hi Philo...

The exact same malfunction happened to me a few months ago when shooting on assignment in Seattle, the plastic buckle on my E-5 broke without warning and the camera and 12-60mm lens went crashing onto a hardwood floor. Fearing the worst as I looked down at the E-5 on the floor, when I picked it up, the only "parts" that were there were the broken halves of that plastic buckle. No apparent damage to camera or lens. However, when I used that E-5 next, strange things started to happen. All by itself, and randomly, the camera would change settings by huge leaps, like 3-5 stops change in aperture, shutter speed, ISO setting and others. I sent it to Olympus Repair in El Paso, TX explaining that these problems were internal and happened totally randomly. My guess is a cracked solder point or ribbon connector that looses contact and sends weird data to the CPU. Camera came back from Precision Camera Repair in Connecticut saying all was repaired and returned to factory specs. No such thing. Within 25 minutes of using the camera on assignment, the same problem happened again, jumping 5 stops from one exposure to the next. I have been in "negotiation" with Olympus USA about this problem of failing OEM plastic buckles, but no luck or response about either the faulty buckles or their "third-party" repair subcontractors not repairing what they claimed they did repair. Now the E-5 has been discontinued and I may not even be able to replace my damaged one (at my expense, no less.)  VancouverKenS

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