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Re: mirrorless are less serious . . .

I wonder if perhaps your formula is flawed because you are using your vacation and photography priorities in the formula instead of realizing that others have different priorities. I can tell you 100% that I will trade some IQ if it means that I will spend more quality time with my family during a vacation. And I've done it enough both ways to know that you will lose some quality time and enjoyment carrying FF DSLR gear depending on the type of trip, who you are traveling with, etc.

No amount of talk about how you manage your bag of DSLR gear and how you aren't sacrificing anything will convince me otherwise. It might convince me that your circumstances are different than mine -- different types of vacations, different priorities, etc.

That being said, I try to balance the gear I take with the primary purpose of the trip and sometimes that will be FF gear but sometimes not.

The OP said and I think you seem to agree that "I think it is funny that people say they want to leave their best cameras home for vacation which is the opportunity to get your best once in a lifetime shots."    I happen to think it's sad to think what you might be giving up in that effort to get your best once in a lifetime shots.  I also think many once in a lifetime shots are achieved because the focus of the trip was not photography first.

I'd also suggest that not carrying a tripod around the world is an example of convenience over performance.   ISO 12800 is certainly sacrificing IQ for convenience in this scenario.

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