Fuji X vs Sony NEX

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Re: Fuji X vs Sony NEX

As many have said, the cameras are similar, actually Nex may be more preferable due to X's weird (non-standard) sensor array. In general Fuji's sensor array tends to give less sharpness at the comparable (claimed, equivalent) pixels.

But lens rules. If you are not getting Zeiss lens, forget about Nex.

I evaluated Fuji Xpro1, Nex 6, Nex 7 but end up with Lumix G5. Its kit lens combination is comparable to Fuji X. I prefer Lumix due to its movie advantage. For still, I'll take the price into the consideration. I actually get a big discount before GX7 announcement ($448 for G5 + 14-42 + 45-150). Alas the deal is ended. Watch B&H carefully, it has frequently surprising price.

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