Canon 6D and 1.2 lenses, how's the focusing?

Started Aug 16, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Canon 6D and 1.2 lenses, how's the focusing?

clarkent1234 wrote:

i'll take my question elsewhere, possibly my lenses to a store to try them out on a 6d.

That is the action that ended up convincing me to buy a 5D3. I took my Canon 100-400 and a 1.4 TC to the local camera store and found out that it (the 5D3) would focus with the 100-400/TC combo. I was so startled when the camera focused properly (my 7D would not) that I decided to sell my 7D and buy the 5D3.

So the story is a warning ...  

Oh right on!

It's a beast of a camera that's for sure.

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