Got an X-S1 coming

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Got an X-S1 coming

I`ve found a mint boxed XS1 at a dealer and have ordered it - I`ve wanted to spend time with one for quite a while - and If Paul Till has hung one to one for so long it can`t be that bad, Right .. if it turns out that it`s no better IQ wise than the HS30 or the xtra bulk of it means I never pick it up, it can be sold without losing much if anything ...  apparently Fuji UK are actually sorting Orby sensors on used cameras even now (they told me themselves) but I`d leave it to the dealer to sort that .

All it has to do is beat the HS30 - from what I`ve seen it has the same excellent colour as the HS10/20/30 , I`m hoping the lens is better quality - less distortion and randon edge issues at the wide end whilst retaining the sharp long end . I know it`s not going to quite match the resolution of the HS30 but I`m hoping the Native Dynamic range is going to be better (M size DR400 on the HS30 is barely worth the bother for the amount of highlights it saves - the F200 did better) ...... the HS30 does benefit from L size (16Mp) for fine detail retention, from the samples Bassy and others provided the same can`t be said for the XS1 at 12Mp - not interested in shooting RAW, the files are too much hassle to deal with and you lose the Fuji colour .

I`m expecting the IS to be infinately better than the HS30 (not expecting canon levels of IS though) and the High ISOs to be maybe usable at ISO800 rather than just 400. EVF a given thing and love all those custom modes for Product photography (the HS20/30 are very good for this)

It`ll be interesting - I`m not expecting the thing to get within missile distance of a DSLR or even a Micro 4/3 but superzooms for those are compromised and have less reach - can it beat an HS30 ? .... We`ll see..

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