Why you love your DSLR

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Because of $$$$$ that's all

My DSLR is a tool to make money. This is why I love it. I would make less money without one.

The other day I shot an exterior at dusk for a client. The D700 with a Nikkor 16-35/4 was mounted on a sturdy tripod and I made a few shots. While I waited for the light to change I picked up my Fuji X-Pro 1 with the 14/2.8 attached and walked around taking some shots at different angles and distances. My client asked me "Why are you using your P&S? I thought I was hiring a pro?" He laughed because we've worked together for years. But most clients expect you to use a heavy, large, loud, camera with a huge lens. This seems to make them feel good.

Guess what? The Fuji images were every bit as good at the Nikon's. I doubt anyone could tell the difference.

I hate everything about my DSLR's except that clients are impressed by them and bring me repeat business.  I an envious of anyone who doesn't think professional photography does not involve some degree of show business. Their clients are more sophisticated than mine.

If I shot sports I know I'd feel differently. If shot a couple of thousand frames a day, 5 days a week for 40 or so weeks a year I know I'd feel differently. But I get no joy when I pick up my DSLR. WHen I pick up the FujI I smile inside..

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