Why you love your DSLR

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Not sure I love it but -

I'm not sure I would say I love my DSLR but if I do, it's not because it has 'classic styling' or 'fits in my pocket' or is 'stealthy'. Other people value those things in their cameras and that's fine by me. I don't need them.

I love knowing that my DSLR is likely to get me the photos I want and it's not going to let me down because its abilities are hampered in some way by design compromises that sacrifice functionality for appearance or compactness I don't need.

I love knowing that my OVF is the best possible tool for seeing what I am photographing, and the big real-time uncompromised view it gives me.

I love a camera that works with me and for me, instead of making me work around it.

I have to admit I love knowing it seems to give so many users of lesser cameras the inferiority complex they have while insisting their camera is as good or better. Why should they care anyhow?

My Canon 7D (like the Rebels which preceded it) is not stylish or 'styled' but it makes me smile to look at it - not for how it looks but because I know what it let me do - and that it is mine.

If I do love my camera, it's for much more substantial reasons than 'classic styling' or 'fits in my pocket'... it's because its top design priority is taking great photos, not something to do with appearance or size.

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