Looking to purchase dslr for minus temperatures

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Re: Looking to purchase dslr for minus temperatures

spytrek007 wrote:

Allan Olesen wrote:

spytrek007 wrote:

I have looked into the pentax series of dslr that have minimum operating temperature of -10 C. What happens if temp. falls to -15C? Are they are any cameras that can handle extreme cold?


A lot of us have used ordinary, non weather sealed DSLRs in -15 - -20 °C without any problems. I don't think I have ever heard of a DSLR which would not operate at that temperature.

Even if a lot of dslr cameras operate at minus temperatures, there are still not rugged as pentax cameras in the sense that they are not splash proof or dust/sand proof. The main reason why I would require this type of camera is to shoot in extreme conditions. Imagine going on a cruise around one of the lochs/lakes around Scotland in winter, the camera is surely going to get wet due to strong winds. Or shooting in extreme dusty conditions or like caught up in a sand storm.

You should have been more specific in your original post. You mentioned temperature and altitude, but not which temperature and which altitude. And I replied to that.

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