What resolution would you like in the D400?

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Any serious action shooter needs the entire viewfinder.

I've tried to live with a dx view in a fx viewfinder. I can live with the sensor performance, but not with the viewfinder size..

All prices have come down. The 36 mp monster was not too expensive at the start and it has dropped considerably, almost matching the lowest d700 prices. The d600 however has really dropped the prices. In the dx range the d7000 dropped all the way to 800 euro and less when the d7100 arrived. There is no reason to believe a d400 would not fit in between current d600 and d7100 price ranges. It will fit perfectly.

The question we have all been asking ourselves -why hasn`t it been released- has been unanswered for at last three years now. In the mean time we have skipped a complete generation of perfect dx sensors. I can only explain this fact when I look at:
1. the economic situation outside of Asia
2. The increasing influence of Sony as sensor maker
3. The battle between small sensor cameras and dx /dslr cameras fighting for the low end customers
4. The capacity to produce a low cost fx dslr, covering/overlapping the needs of a part of the pro dx users.
5. The continues lack of anything competitive in the classic d300/d300s

Number 1 is very important, because a d400 camera needs a world wide market to even reach a break even point. In the d300(s) days, there was a world wide group of customers for the d300: those that needed it and those the could afford it. The former group has become smaller due to a lack of a proper new dx model and the inevitable switch some made. The latter has been reduced to a serious extent because of the crisis and because of the increased performance of low and mid end models, and the uprise of the mirrorless world with small bodies and appealing performances even at prices the currently exceed the d7100 price range.

If the market recovers a d400 will come. That is why both Canon and Nikon are waiting.


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