What resolution would you like in the D400?

Started Jun 30, 2013 | Polls thread
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Re: What doesn't make sense...

seahawk wrote:

The D800S should do 7fps (8 with grip) for 2500.

You're doubling the fps and dropping the price  and it would have to have a monster buffer for such big images at 8fps - that would make it more like the missing upgrade to the D700 but with 3x the pixels?  That seems pretty ambitious.

And folks worried that a really good D400 would compete with the D4.  What you're talking about would even more so.  Interesting theory though. So it tries to force any semi-serious action or wildlife shooter to go FX and deal with 36MP (something some of them don't want to do).

Somehow I think Nikon would sell more cameras if they stopped trying to force people to do things they aren't naturally inclined to do and rather offered the camera people already think they want to buy!  Hmmm, are there some lessons to be learned here from the Nikon 1 debacle too where Nikon never aimed the right camera at the right part of the market?  Would this be a mini version of that again?

For example, I might buy a 24MP FX action camera (AF at least as good as the D800, 8fps, good sized buffer), but I honestly don't want 36MP for shooting large action events as it doesn't really help my action photography and it seriously gets in the way of my workflow (processing, backup and storage).  So, if that's my only choice, I have to think seriously about whether I'm willing to accept that compromise or not vs. just making the camera that action shooters think they actually want.

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