Best software for Nikon Coolscan V ED and Leopard?

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Re: Thanks!

Jan Morales wrote:

Thanks to all who responded! I will be trying VueScan shortly.


Jan download Vuescan and try it but carefully test it to see if it really performs better than the Nikon software. You need to get it out of your head that the Nikon software is old because that often has nothing to do with the results you get with these discontinued film scanners. For example, I use a much older version of Vuecsan with my Canon FS4000 film scanner because it simply does a much better job than the current version and many versions that came before it.

Back when Vuescan seemed to be a labor of love for Ed Hamrick (the creator of Vuescan) you would see scanner specific improvments in performance and quality quite regularly. Heck I even remember exchanging comments with him back in the old newsgroup days. Unfortunately, I haven't seen any meaningful improvements for  my film scanner for years. In fact, just the opposite, which is why I use one of his older versions of Vuescan.

It would be great if he kept an archive of older versions of his software for people to test their scanners with but he goes out of his way to deny paid customers that option and apparently even threatens people that post older versions of his software meant for users who have already paid for the software that would only work properly if you have a valid serial number. He appears to be quite the jerk when it comes to that.

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