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Re: G1X tele and wide converters - photos again

LarsPolarBear wrote:

papillon_65 wrote:

Rod McD wrote:

Hi Papillon,

I'd be very interested to hear how it goes for you.

I'd also be interested to hear anything you can learn about the manufacturer and where it's made. If I google the name Siocore I get nothing but the German distributor and Amazon.de sites that we know about, but who don't deal elsewhere. It just doesn't seem to exist anywhere else in the world. It's a bit of mystery - I can't imagine that a German company has them made to their specs purely for their domestic market. I would expect that they would be produced in numbers and sold under another brand name in other markets...... Maybe the packaging would cast some light on it?

Cheers, Rod

Rod, no problem, I didn't think I could order through Amazon.de but my order went through and has been confirmed. I'm having to use google translate to manage it (which works rather well now actually) but so far so good. I couldn't find any information elsewhere about these converters but the company involved (Siolex) seem to specialise in adaptors for the Canon G Series. The convertor also comes with a 15 year guarantee so build quality shouldn't be an issue! I hope it's as good as it looks, being an ultrawide shooter at heart this could be great for me, we'll see


Hi Tony,

please let us know who it goes and please post some picture once it has arrived (I am still contemplating to also buy the WA). Quality is quite good, which on the other hand adds to the weight

Hi Lars, I'm not too worried about size and weight as it looks like it has a very wide fov, it's a typical "dinner plate" style adaptor

My package did not indicate anything (just a white box), not even the country of production. I guess having it delivered in the EU should not be a major problem, while getting it to Australia might still be a little more complex due to tax etc. However, why not try it...

Have fun with you new toy!!


Getting it to the UK shouldn't be a problem, I don't mind waiting a week or two if it does what I hope. I'll definitely post back about it either way and thanks for the Amazon tip

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