Best software for Nikon Coolscan V ED and Leopard?

Started Mar 18, 2008 | Discussions thread
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Re: Vuescan

davidrm wrote:

I can't speak specifically for Nikon, or for Vuescan, but Silverfast does not include scanner drivers. I don't think Vuescan does either.

So in that case you need to install the scanner software (surely Nikon provides updates ? I'm stuck with a Minolta, which has no support...) and then Silverfast or Vuescan on top.

i too have an old Minolta Dual Scan kicking about under mbe chinch. Is there any way I can us that today on my iMac? I don't think the plug is comparable even, but it was great for scanning the sealed APS negs that I still have a bunch of.

In any case, you're better off scanning at 48 bit, all settings zeroed, and do post processing in an image editor.
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