What resolution would you like in the D400?

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Re: What doesn't make sense...

I bought a D300 and then a D700.

I see the D700 as the 'cheaper FX option'.    It gave me most of what I needed from a D3, which I couldn't afford.    The equivalent now is the D600, except for the sensor being different.   FX made even cheaper.

I went from carrying a D200 and D300 to a D300 and D700.  (I still have the D200, but no longer use it).   And after a while I went to carrying either a D300 or a D700, but rarely both at the same time.   Pretty much the D300 got used for wildlife shooting, and the D700 got used for everything else.  (Lens transitions when using a mix of DX and FX are ugly).

Now I've gone to using a D800e in place of either D300 or D700.   I have more pixels in DX mode with the D800e than the D300.   And the only thing I don't have with the D800e is the frame rate of the other two cameras (both of which have grips and EL4a batteries for 8fps).

I miss the frame rate, and I'd buy a D400 for wildlife shooting.  (And hope to God it has the same grip and at least battery as the D800e grip).

Also, the D400 needs to come in noticeably under the price of a D600, so it would need to sell for $1500-1800, not $2000.     There's plenty of room for profit in a $1500 camera.

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