Why you love your DSLR

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Re: Why you love your DSLR

Telhma wrote:

Today we are connected a lot to social media, and not that much to the photobook annymore, we do not go show off our pictures when we get back home, but when we are on our holliday here the smartphones wins big, you take the picture, and 3min later you get your first like.

Sorry nothing much against your post in general, but this sentence got me thinking.

Don't we go on holidays to get AWAY from friends and relatives and FORGET about them while there, enjoying the moment for ourselves? Unless the holiday is show-off (that's what I consider FB is for). I go on holidays because I LIKE it there, don't need anyone liking me for being there (wouldn't you think?).

Actually, I don't even need phone on holidays.....(well, my 13 y.o REALLY got on my nerves few months back on Euro-trip, constantly being on the phone every time we sat somewhere (free wi-fi). In other words, if one is 13, I'd guess that's OK. If over 30, grow up...). This "social envy" used to be characteristic for small town mentality - now big city folk have to show off that something is actually happening in their lives. Small town folks meet in the local pub or at the BBQ....Big city people go to the pub, take selfie and send the pictures to their virtual friends....who, you guess,  "like it"!?

Oh, BTW, people across the Europe, when it comes to the use smartphones in public (read cafe, restaurants and god forbid pubs), are not even close to what's happening here in Sydney - I reckon we no longer know how to enjoy the moment, just  for ourselves....

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