What resolution would you like in the D400?

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Re: What doesn't make sense...


... is Nikon abandoning an entire market segment, especially at a time when camera sales are declining and they need to push every sales button they can.

Consider the D70s line - it's evolved to D80, D90, D7000, D7100. A newer lower end line started with the D40, and it's evolved to the D3200.

The D100, D200, D300 line of pro DX cameras is ... gone?

There's a suspiciously large pricing gap between the D7100 and the D600. It makes no sense that Nikon would just leave a hole there. Either we get a D7100s or so some (much bigger buffer at the least) or a D400.

I think Nikon would be better off with the D400 whether it makes a lot of money off of it or not. Assuming it truly continues the D300 lineage and is capable of things no other camera is. I'm sure a lot of folks on this forum would be thrilled. I would be too, knowing that there is something beyond the useful life of my D300, even if I didn't choose to jump into the D400 pre-order line right away. But realistically, we are talking about a $2K camera, which is not a casual user price range, while pro and serious enthusiast market has now other choices unavailable 5 years ago. Even on dpreview forums, compare the attendance/post frequency of the Pro FX and the Pro DX forums. As of right now, about 200 people took the poll in this thread, and there is a fairly small number of regular contributors here whom the people frequenting this forum quickly come to recognize. Does this mean anything? -- I don't know. If D7100 had a bigger buffer I would say -- this is probably it. As it stands, perhaps we'll see a D400, or perhaps just a D7200 with a bigger buffer, which probably will be what D400 could be, just in a cheaper body. Does the body quality matter -- it does to me quite a bit, -- but what Nikon management is thinking is anyone's guess. Canon rumors put off 7D mk2 far into the future, and it all seems to be vaporware at this point. Perhaps we'll know more in September... As for pricing gap, D600 seems to be dropping right into it right now with the sale on ebay, and may eventually settle there.

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