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No lens or camera profiles required

I'm investigating the X-E1 and have a couple of questions for owners that use Lightroom (I currently have Lightroom 5).

I downloaded some RAW samples from the web and it looks like only the Adobe Standard camera profile is present. For Nikon and Canon cameras there is a standard collection of camera profiles that mimic the JPEG picture styles these camera produce. Is there any equivalent for the X-E1? I'm aware of how to make a camera profile both through Adobe's tool and through The X-rite tool (which I own), but I've found the emulated Nikon camera profiles fantastic for processing images.

It also looks like there is no lens profile for the 18-55 zoom. I've read the primes are automatically corrected but this zoom looks to have significant distortion in RAW. Is there any source for a lens profile? Thanks in advance.

As someone else said, you can ignore (completely) distortion (and other) lens correction - it happens automatically without needing to select a lens or camera profile. M43s cameras work the same way.

All lenses, including the zooms, have correction automatically applied. I have no idea what the lens profiles are in adobe lens profile downloader... But I wouldn't recommend downloading or using them.

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