Why you love your DSLR

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Re: Why you love your DSLR

Because I have one, and it works.

Unlike the overwhelming majority of people around this forum, I don't shoot either landscapes or BIFs -- I'm an amateur portraitist, and that means I not only don't care for AF speed, the only reason I even use the AF module to begin with is that the damned things have proved to be far more accurate than I could ever be with my hands and eyes. Likewise, I don't care at all for specialized lenses; super-telephotos, ultra-wides, tilt&shifts or fisheyes don't interest me beyond the obvious appeal of "new shiny toy!", with a fast normal and a fast short tele being more than enough to fill my needs.

So, why do I have a SLR? because they're an older, mature technology, which means if you're willing to step back a generation or two you can find some really nice stuff for very low prices -- my Sony A390 might use the even older sensor of the A350, but at base ISO (a portraitist's bread and butter) its files were a good match for any of its contemporaries, and still compare well against more recent cameras. And the SLR technology being older means you have access to a wealth of AF lenses available at prices close to its manual brethren, such as the nice and lovely Minolta 50/1.7 I use most of the time in front of my camera which cost me less than $100.

Would I be able to do the same work I do with a NEX-6 and a 50/1.8 OSS? yeah. An E-PL5 and a 45/1.8? same. A NX20 and a 85/1.4? hell yes. But my A390 works, my little Minolta works, and both of them were cheaper than the alternatives.

Still, I don't deride mirrorless owners -- the opposite, in fact: in my opinion, if you're going to spend money on costlier cameras, for most photographers it makes more sense to do so for the ergonomic advantages of a good mirrorless than simply to get a larger sensor or more shots per burst.

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