On the apparent upcoming high end OMD that will "dub" as the 4/3rds hybrid

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britcam wrote:

Hi Julie,

I had the f2 lenses for a few years, as I was after the shallow DOF and extraordinary IQ that I was seeing from posted samples. Even though I bought the 14-35 new, and the 150 and 35- 100 second hand, they represented a huge investment especially at amateur level - way beyond what was sensible to pay. They were, and still are, highly esoteric lenses, and that is why I have no doubt that they will retain their value whatever route Oly is finally found to have taken.

Hi Rich.  Here in Japan, I have seen some price drop in the 7-14, 14-35, and 35-100, both on the new and used market, since the Panny m4/3 equivalents appeared.  But it's only a couple hundred dollars, which is not huge when you consider the original price of SHG lenses, so it seems like your "investment" is pretty safe.

I have a friend using Nikon, and she has just acquired a D7100. Wonderful camera, and she mainly enjoys birding, but as you say, the 300mm f4 is non-stabilised, so the price of membership is high.

It really is incomprehensible that Nikon would ignore this market.  I just don't know what the deal is.  I rarely need the IS with that lens, because I use it mostly for moving subjects at high shutter speeds anyway, but I think it would be nice for some wildlife shooters.

Meanwhile I chose the Pentax route of IBIS, with a vast range of lenses available using the same K mount. As a package, it is now where I used to fondly imagine Oly might end up going .... My latest acquisition is a Pro quality FA 300/4.5, weighing just 930g and measuring just 16cm long. IQ on my AA free K5IIs, even at. ISO 1600, is remarkable..... And the primes .... well!

I do like primes and low-light shooting, so Pentax is an attractive system to me as well, as they have a good sensor, fast lenses, and IBIS.   And yeah, I think you are not alone in envisioning something similar for 4/3.  It was supposed to be a compact system, yet they almost totally neglected to supply it with small primes.   At least Oly and Panny have rectified that with the m4/3 system.  If they do make a hybrid camera that takes both sets of lenses, some people will finally be able to have their cake and eat it.


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