NX Macro Focus Issue

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Re: NX Macro Focus Issue

OtterBoxing wrote:

Does anyone know if there's an article or video tutorial on how to get the most out of this camera (other than the manual)?

yup, several things, youtube videos, reading other peoples posts on the internet. I even remember a camera shop like Adorama has a learning center,


but most importantly is your own tutorial, its called a fresh set of battery(s), a blank sd card, some time on the weekend or your version of a weekend then go go go. You cant go wrong cos there is no such thing as having to spend money developing your photos to see your results.

(it does seem that the camera has a slight legitimate issue with the top dials, when I'm on Program, and I reach for the shutter button, sometimes it switches between some of the other modes, and then right back to Program. It only happens sometimes, so its not too bad, as long as it doesn't get worse over time, I can probably live with it.)

humour me and try a different sd card. I know it sounds strange and probably a long shot. But thats what I have isolated it down to on my nx200. I experienced (along with others on this forum, do a search) exactly the symptoms that you have reported.

good luck.

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