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make sure 70-200 distance-liiting switch is set for closer distance

Marcos Villaroman wrote:

How close are you focusing the 70-200? It'll hunt if you are too close to its minimum focus distance. If you are farther out, consider the situations where you'd use the focus limiter switch.

Camera body can also factor in. I'm constantly amazed at how well the 5D3 can focus in low light, low contrast subjects where my older 5D2 misses --- using the same lens.

The above post may explain the problem. The 70-200L f/4 IS should focus very quickly and surely. If you are relatively new to photography, you may be trying each lens to focus on the same object when it is too near for the 70-200 but not for the 24-105.

Also, are you aware that the 70-200 has a switch to enable closer focusing or to enable slightly faster focusing at greater distances? Make sure the switch is set for the closer focusing mode.

Unless this or some other user error is the problem, there is a problem with your lens, because this is a lens that is excellent at quick, accurate focusing.

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