On the apparent upcoming high end OMD that will "dub" as the 4/3rds hybrid

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Roger Engelken
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The future on a rumor....or something like that. I needed a title here.

Raist3d wrote:

So looks like this camera will be at least $1,500 USD. Sounds reasonable if positioned to the high end. This is the camera that will apparently use all 4/3rd lenses very well, with some adapter or the camera body will just support some sort of conversion/whatever.

I am already seeing "oh but $1,500 is too expensive! blah blah blah" The reality is that a camera at that caliber *IS* expensive. It amazes me how there are so many "somethings for nothings" mentality. That this camera will use 4/3rd lenses well is Olympus' gift to the 4/3rds users doing good legacy support in a world where they are financially constrained.

In other words, this is the best they can do.

I do have my reservations on going high end and price bracket with the OMD but not because I think the camera with what it has it's at a bad price, but because it starts looking a bit like competing vs Canikon again. I am beginning to think the direction m4/3rds should love (which means Olympus digital cameras) is Pen.

Keep 'em small, put a built in EVF, offer a weather sealed model.

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The something for nothing mentality seems to drive a great number of people in a great number of arenas, so I must concede that I would be a fool to think the world of Photography would be any different. The price of anything is ultimately a stab at the marketplace and what the manufacturer believes the market will bear (good old supply and demand economics). This works itself out further as time goes on in the used market, at least in those areas where there is a used market for something.

In as much as this entire thread is based on rumors, and perhaps rumors of rumors, I have know way of knowing if this is the best Olympus Imaging can do. Only a real camera body and the developing consensus of opinion about that camera body will even have a stab at that. It would appear given the historical timeline and the preponderance of rumors that something may be out there. One way or the other we will know soon enough. In the meantime rumors do excite people, there are limitless examples of that.

The ultimate price I (and most others, though likely at many different price points) would be willing to pay would be based on how well it protects my present investment in lenses. That is, how well does the camera body exploit them. Additionally, if it opens the opportunity to new lenses, I am certainly not going to turn that down. I have not had the opportunity (nor taken it, as I should at some time) to work with the m4/3 system, so perhaps the chance to do that is there also.

There have been a number of arguments in this thread about which forum to post things on, which inevitably led to bashing or perceived bashing of one sort or another. All this based on rumors, very interesting. If I can learn something (and the only limitation there is me being willing to learn) then I am happy to read about another system. Each has strengths, each have weaknesses, and each of those are dependent on the wants and desires of the user. I have seventeen of the Zuiko lenses for the four thirds system, and if there is a way to continue using them on newer systems, I would love to know about it. If at some point they are relegated to history (as nearly everything is), then so be it. I still have four bodies on which to use them.

The joy is in the image produced, and learning and growing to better that image, both in skills and in technology. Anything that achieves that is a good thing in my book. I will not agree with everything, but I would like to think I would still learn something.

This thread is about to max out, which is not a bad thing. Civility never hurts, and is something I fail at all too often. Differing opinions and differing vantage points is what makes this world what it is, as frustrating, brutal and war like that sometimes can be. There is a bright side to this as well, and that is the pursuit of knowledge and experience, from a variety of viewpoints nearly as endless as the population of the world.

If it gets too hot, get out of the forum and shoot something!

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