On the apparent upcoming high end OMD that will "dub" as the 4/3rds hybrid

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Re: More 3 year old quotes & forum decorum

Olymore wrote:

Dave, we know the people here like the E-System.

I like the E-system as well which is why I bought 5 bodies and a number of lenses as well.

The problem is not enough people liked the E-system.

And that situation was getting worse.

Not because people here were posting saying it was dying but because people out there in the rest of the world who had never heard of DPReview were buying cameras from the other brands.

The reasons for this IMHO are

1. The obsession with sensors over everything else as though nothing else mattered.

2. The 'fashion' for thin DOF

3. Financial problems at Oly with restricted marketing budget and lack of investment which directly contributed to not having the latest technology.

I've been using an interchangeable lens camera since 1978 and in the fllm days used to mainly shoot in ISO range 25 to 100.

But there are a whole generation of photographers who seem to think ISO 1600 is the standard ISO and expect to have clean files at ISO3,200 or 6,400, expect to have video and numerous features like in camera HDR.

Well, you can't blame someone much seeing a competitor about the same price (or cheaper) giving you not only better ISO, but better dynamic range.

There's also some of us that do use that higher ISO, though that doesn't mean the group you mention doesn't exist.

And Olympus, probably because of 3. above were simply not generating enough sales to develop the four thirds sufficiently.

It's all about market expectations even if 90% of the purchases use their dSLRs for holiday snaps.

It's the same reason that speed and power is a selling point for cars when we all know that pretty much any car nowadays has sufficient speed for any sane and legal driver.

So, it's not about hating or bashing four thirds, it's about making the best use of what we've got, grabbbing the lifeline of M43 and being able to continue using our zuiko lenses with the latest technology.

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