On the apparent upcoming high end OMD that will "dub" as the 4/3rds hybrid

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Re: Why was it successful?

bobn2 wrote:

windsprite wrote:

I still have my 50-200s ... both models. It's the one lens for which I can't find a good translation in the Nikon lineup. I wish they would make a good-quality 100-400 f/4-5.6 or something similar.

I think there is just a lack of demand for that kind of lens.

Sorry for the delay in responding, Bob.  I've been thinking about your post and haven't been able to come to a good conclusion.  I finally realized that it was because I don't really know exactly what I want in a tele zoom for Nikon.  It's a case of "I'll know when I see it" but I haven't seen it yet ....

As far as lack of demand, you might be right, but if so, I find it really strange.  The 50-200 is the lens that drew me to Oly in the first place, and I know a lot of people would say the same.  A high-quality 100-400mm EFL lens that weighs in at under 1,000g can be really useful.  Sure, as a f/5.6-7 equivalent, it is a slow lens.  A lot of people will be upset with me for saying such a thing, but I think they totally miss the point of the format, which is:

Not everybody needs shallow DOF or low-light, so why should they carry around big, expensive cameras and lenses, when they are only going to stop them down anyway?  If you look at it this way, it's not an insult to say that the Oly HG zooms are f/5.6-7.  It's actually a thing to be proud of, because Canikon will never, ever make lenses like this for their DSLRs and take them seriously enough to give them a high-quality build with weather sealing.

Anyway, that's my take on it, and I sure would love a good, relatively lightweight 100-400mm f/5.6-8 or even slower walkabout telephoto for my D700, but I know such a thing will never be made.  That is the problem with playing with different brands and formats: you wish you could cherry pick the advantages from each one and combine them into one perfect system.

I have two Sigma 100-300/4 (one Canon fit one Nikon) - which with the aid of a 1.4x TC just about fits your spec.

It comes close enough to fitting my spec even without the telecon, really.  Except for the weight. 


It's a very good lens but was discontinued sometime ago, in favour of the 120-300/2.8 which is a less useful lens for a number of reasons - so I see the point, a 100-400/4 (or even a 135-400/4 if they can just make it 3x) would be a nice lens to have.

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