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Adieu 64-bit Office, adios iCloud, hello happiness

Simon Garrett wrote:

Yes, I had problems with Office 2010 64-bit. I'd previously only used the 32-bit version, and there seems to be no performance advantage of 64-bit (except ability to handle huge spread sheets) so I uninstalled the 64-bit version and installed the 32-bit version, and the problems went away.

One issue: a number of plug-ins are available only in 32-bit. You might not always know when something loads plug-ins to Office, only that whatever the plug-in does won't work if you've got 64-bit Office and the plug-in is 32-bit only!

Maybe it was a plug-in problem with iCloud?

I have absolutely no doubt that iCloud was the culprit. My 64-bit Outlook 2010 was functioning flawlessly for months and broke only after I installed iCloud. Even the no-longer-available and extraordinarily useful (and free!) Google Calendar Sync worked flawlessly with 64-bit Outlook. I certainly didn't need to create humongous spreadsheets, but I installed 64-bit Office because I wanted as much "64-bitness" as possible on my system. Bad decision.

Even after removing iCloud, Outlook remained fatally wounded. I just would not longer send. Push the send button and absolutely nothing would happen. This was true for every e-mail account set up: IMAP, POP3, and Outlook Connector accounts that have worked perfectly for many years.

So, here's the bottom line:

  • Removed 32-bit Office 2010, installed 32-bit Office 2010. 
  • Google Calendar Sync loads my Outlook calendar to a GMail account that I don't really use for anything else (and pulls changes on GMail calendar up to Outlook)
  • My iPod touch (and eventually an iPhone) is set up with that same GMail account so the calendar gets pushed to the device

All three (Outlook, GMail, iPod touch) devices' calendars are now in perfect sync. Here's the real beauty: I can create, edit, or delete an appointment at any of the three locations and the change propagates both upstream and downstream to the other two devices. So, screw iCloud.

Thank you for your help.

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