Is the swd 50-200 reason enough to go for the Oly platform ?? APS-c shooter

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wait until you can read reports of the AF speed of the 50-200 with the new phase-detect-on-E-M1

jagge wrote:


So lots to think about. I am a former APS-c shooter and to be honest I prefer that sensor size or larger. BUT i have moved into m43 and consider a new m43. Now the omd is tempting but to weak on video and the smallish viewfinder is a nogo for me.

Now I then hear all those rumors about a more pro omd that could maybe use the 43 lenses and I start to wonder. Now the new sensors in m43 from sony seems to be great a capable of DR and sensitivity for proffesional print. As stated i do find larger sensors better BUT the compact nature of m43 is also a huge point for me.

Now I always did find that m43 lenses had a great weakpoint in the longer focal lengths, but now i discovered the 50-200 2.8-3.5 swd , and the ratings it gets seem to be very impressive to me AND the used prizes puts it in the expensive but realistic range for me. Cant say the same about the 100-400 L from Canon or the 70-200 2.8.

So now I really wonder if that lense and the 12-60 ditto would be reason enough for choosing this platform is the upcoming omd will support them. It seems that the combination of those highly acclaimed glass and the now much better sensors will outweigh a prosumer glass on the Nikon/Canon platform.

And the compact nature of the 50-200 is great as well off course.

What do you think of all this, i newer tried that glass i have to admit so curious about input.

The question for you is: How important is fast focus for you ?

Currently it seems the E-5 is the last real DSLR, with conventional phase detect AF.

Oly then will claim with phase-detection-on-sensor AF will work as fast, but Oly uses Sony sensors, the Nex-6 has phase detect on sensor, and there phase detect AF does not work fast. I have also read that Canon did not really get it baken with their 2 photodiode approach ( and what dpreview writes positively about the new canon AF is wrong, or in other words: only quite good if you compare it to the old very bad Canon Live view AF ).

So IF AF speed has some importance for you then I would wait until you can read reports of the AF speed of the 50-200 with the new phase-detect-on-E-M1.

IF AF speed is not important for you, then you can simply buy the 50-200 and adapter or an Oly dslr.

Yes 4/3 lenses usually are as good as or better than much much more expensive Canon lenses, but the other side is: Its still unclear whats the future for the 4/3 lenses. My 4/3 lenses are mostly CDAF-optimized and so I do not ave this problem. But the 50-200 is not CDAF-optimized.

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