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Re: Question about filters

jers wrote:

I am thinking about buying, a clear B+W filter, for my X-E1. Is it really worth the extra money?

I suppose that depends on what you are doing. I am firmly planted in the no filter camp, except when I think there can be damage done to my lens.

I photograph a lot or welding procedures and that is a time you defiantly want a clear glass filter. welding or grinding spatter will ruin the front element of a lens in a nanosecond. A promaster filter does not cost much & is expendable once it gets spattered. I have a few around here someplace

If I was to go to the desert I might consider a filter if the sand was blowing. But other than that I tend to not be too concerned about it. But I always carry one to fit my lenses in my daily work bag just in case I need one for the aforementioned reason. I guess in the long run, it is like being sick & having chicken soup, it cant hurt.

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