For 22mm shooters: Is the 18-55 worth adding?

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Re: It's all about what you want to carry

tomtom50 wrote:

AdamT wrote:

If you want to make a point about RAW performance upload a comparison that makes your point. It takes less than five minutes.

I don`t need to , your link says it all , select raw and shove the loupe around the image, the RX100-II is the worst by quite a margin as you`d expect ....... I shoot the RX100 all the time in RAW, there`s way too much NR even at base ISO in JPG regardless of settings

BTW I don`t need "Preconceptions" I own the camera , I know its strengths and limitations, I`ve had it many months and I`m keeping it too - I just haven`t got my head in the clouds over it

You can't post a comparison because the comparison will show only a modest difference (besides soft corners due to the lens) and that will undermine your point.

Talk is cheap. Show this alleged dramatic difference.

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