For 22mm shooters: Is the 18-55 worth adding?

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Re: It's all about what you want to carry

tomtom50 wrote:

AdamT wrote:

It is easy to say someone is full of crap, but what about DPR studio comparisons?

It looks the weakest in your link as you`d expect - JPGs loaded with NR and RAWs showing up sensor and lens limitations ..

I like the RX100 a lot (and I got one which is better at the edges than a lot are) , the Video is so good that it`s crying out for a 3.5" Mic socket, the AF is fast and it produces images which exceed its S90 dimensions (it even copied the S90s Ergonomics) but it`s no M with either of the kit lenses on - sensor or lens wise and I can`t believe anyone who`s owned both cameras would try to delude themselves that it is ...

Are you looking at the link? If you don't like jpeg switch to RAW! Do you realize the tool accommodates this? Are you trying to assess the data or just interested in confirming your pre-conceptions?

If you want to make a point about RAW performance upload a comparison that makes your point. It takes less than five minutes.

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