Why you love your DSLR

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Re: Why you love your DSLR

People who haven´t used recent mirrorless cameras can exaggerate differences between DSLRs and mirrorless. For example, I see a comment implying that bulb mode or filters are the sole preserve of DSLRs (¿!?) and the line in the OP about "why would you leave your best camera behind on vacation" which is certainly news to me because I´ve had no problem using filters or bulb mode with my Fuji X Pro compared to a DSLR or once felt that I was missing out by not using a DSLR after a month´s photography trip to Iceland.

The Fuji´s advantages are weight and size. One crucial factor which I never see mentioned in these discussions, is the weight not just of the camera and lenses but also the tripod. The tripod I use for my X Pro is substantially lighter than the tripod I used to use for my Hasselblad X Pan rangefinder (which is a rather heavy and brick like body even though the lenses were light) or my Nikon D2X both of which I sold. When you get up at 2am and then do a 20km round trip up and down hills in the middle of nowhere, that becomes extremely significant - and I´m younger and probably fitter than a lot of DPR users going on the comments I read.

Relative inconspicousness is also a factor. People simply react differently - less defensive for want of a better word - when they see me with an X Pro, compared to a DSLR. I get comments if its a Lomo camera or something I´ve inherited from my father because it "looks old". I attract less attention. At the end of the film era, the Hasselblad X Pan was a popular option for travel and landscape photography and I see my X Pro as a direct successor. Simply put for my style of photography my X Pro (and before that my film rangefinders) put me in the right place at the right time more than my SLR equipment, which for me outweighs certain disadvantages. This is why I don´t get the implication that mirrorless cameras or photographers are inherently less serious. At the time it was produced nobody comsidered the X pan a point and shoot or unserious camera, my X Pro simply fills the same niche.

This is why I don´t understand mirrorless v DSLR threads.  The key word is "niche".  Horses for courses, innit?

There are a lot o DSLR users who would love to own and use a Fuji X Pro. It's probably better for street photography than a DSLR. It's probably a great DSLR replacement for lots of other tasks... some of the time. That means owning an X Pro system and a DSLR, which is expensive. And it means knowing when to bring your X Pro and when to bring your DSLR.

Canon's EOS M replacement, with the fast autofocus and EF lens compatibility, could become that second body, if it's affordable. I'd pay $399 for the body, if it has a quality feel like the X Pro. For more money... I don't know.

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