On the apparent upcoming high end OMD that will "dub" as the 4/3rds hybrid

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Re: The 3 Muskateers & 3 year old quotes

dave gaines wrote:

Raist3d wrote:

dave gaines wrote:

According to who those who post in this forum must post nothing but praise?

¿I think I know what you meant? Yes, that would be a good start.

How is that a good start? These people hardly own the forum or dpreview.

What I object to is the negative comments about 4/3 DSLRs, as if a m4/3 could replace an E-5. No one here knows if and when there will be another E-x. Most of us regulars here are hoping for one this year.

That depends on what you call a "negative comment." Someone who says that 4/3rds failed in the market and what Olympus could do making m4/3rds support 4/3rds lenses - why exactly is that "negative" and why they can't bring that up? Simply because it's different from what you want?

You and others in this thread want a better OM-D and you're repeating what 4/3Rumors is speculating.

Not exactly, no. To me what m43rd rumors says is a data point. An interesting one given their track record.

You've all repeated it so many times you beliieve it yourself. Everyone's wishful thinking doesn't make it real.

I think it's good to discuss new data points as they come along. But on the wishful thinking- you do realize that applies to your view as well?

It's like WMD in Iraq. Don't expect much more than what the E-P5 has to offer. If they do make a stab at PDAF it won't be any better than any other current MILC has to offer.

Why? Doesn't technology move forward? Look at what Canon just did.

You've said that a couple of times. You eluded to an unoffical meeting that was secretly reported to have happened.

No, I didn't "elude" to an unofficial meeting that was secretly reported- I posted the darn slides that showed it...

What slides?

I posted them back then. Here are they again.


My question was, show me where anything official or newsworthy was stated. If you have slides from Olympus I must have missed that. Darn. I'd like to see them.

Read above. But it's not just that.

.... Here, from Mr. Terada-san's own mouth:



That interview is almost 3 years old! Geeze Louise!

Yes! And it was said not once but many times and not just 3 years ago! Sorry but if you decide to ignore or not keep up with all the data points, you can't come in saying we are making stuff up.

R&R, development and marketing is dynamic.


It changes as the market changes.

Yup, and apparently, and E-7 was one of the decision changes they had made since they started m4/3rds only to change their mind again. Keep in mind some people around have know more than you may think- look at some of the track records of the people who say things.

What was said 3 years ago does not predict what will happen now. For example, look at what Terada-san said about developing the E-3/E-5 body design.

Again, Terada-san didn't just say that 3 years ago. Look at the many responses Olympus has given that are pretty non-commital to a 4/3rds body and almost always alluding at "some product" that will "support 4/3rds."

This is from Feb 2013 (that's this year):


Zero mention of a DSLR body.  That's not the only point Olympus has done this. Connect the dots.

... These are two different systems.

Yes, but Olympus said *one*, not two. Olympus said many things over the years ...

Yes, and look at what was said most recently. Go back in the News here on dpreview to mid-February. It only takes a minute to find what Tereda said about the two systems.

Yup, I posted it above..  All he is saying is that autofocus speed has to be there. Wasn't that what they said in terms of having m4/3rds match 4/3rds a while back?

And does it strike you as very odd that the telephoto macro 4/3rd lenses that several people wanted, that is a hole missing in the line up was completely canned (which Olympus officially admitted) with no further development to the market?

Given Olympus financial position and 4/3rds market position, sounds quite a sensible business move with the added advantage that we do get good lens-body support.

No one knows what is a good business move for Olympus.

Hmm that's not exactly true. I mean, if you have a market where you have been pushed out, financial issues, where does it make the most sense to focus your financials to survive? In the system that seems to hold the most promise financially or in a system that will take quite a bit of cash to jump start and hope it catches on?

That's the realm of the corporate inner circle. They did say several times in the past that they were focused on developing m4/3.

Yup, the very president of Olympus stated it so. IN their numerous presentations, they didn't even bother mentioning 4/3rds dslr's anymore.

In your Oct., 2010 article Terada said they didn't have the money to develop both simultaneously. A lot has changed since then, like Sony aquiring a large stake in Olympus. And after 3 years on the market, 4/3 users are not happy with the ergonomics and performance of 4/3 lenses on m4/3 bodies.

Again, the question is, how profitable is the 4/3rds market? This is the point that it seems to me every 4/3rds lover avoids- how profitable can 4/3rds be? Olympus *was not* making money on it. They were going deep in the red with it consecutively.  Even now they are in the red (Camera division) but they are doing better, much better than what 4/3rds was doing.

You bet if 4/3rds could be made profitable it would all come back. Why did they leave it? You also ignore that Terada has mentioned the one beautiful system several times.


You are a nobody to tell me anything about the forum- you don't own it. But it is not my intention to follow so, fair on that.

You don't own the thread. You started it.

Where did I claim I own it? I just think it's a bit ironic you tell me I am following you but you decided to reply to this thread. Your choice, that's all.

It's gotten ugly. It's coming down hard on 4/3 DSLRs. I've responded. I will post where I please.

Certainly! I am not arguing that. I am pointing out the irony that apparently posting where I please is a problem for you, but it's ok for you to do.

I try to be fair and honest and just stick to what we know, not what has been speculated. I also try to avoid personal attacks.

That's fine, me too!  Though you certainly do a personal attack when you circle a set of people that apparently have a different set of opinions from yours as people who should not post here. Though that's certainly your opinion and they don't have by any means heed that at all simply because they are posting or discussing something you do not want to partake on (yet somehow click and reply).

... The 4/3 system is faster, has PDAF, has an OVF, has more creative controls, ergonomics to support larger lenses and has much better optics than m4/3.

Apparently faster won't be anymore within two more months. The optics will be supported by the new camera so m4/3rds is not missing it though I agree it's not exactly what the system is made for per se sizewise.

Don't expect the next OM-D to be faster at AF wih 4/3 lenses than an E-5. No one has accomplished that yet and it's not likely to happen now.

Why is that impossible? The E-5 is like 3 years old? Technology marches forward. I am not saying it's a given it will be doing so, but why is that so impossible? This is technology.

No one knows what features the next OM-D will have. There's a lot of speculation but no hard facts - no announcement from Olympus.

Yes but once again, there are some sites that have a rather good track record, and not everyone around is as clueless as you may think.

The issue once again is not what 4/3rds users may want - it's what Olympus can do to make a profit.

The question is, regardless of what m4/3 adopters want, what will the next OM-D really be capable of. No one will know until it's announced and we get time to test it ourselves.

Again, the economics of Olympus camera division is at the discretion of Corporate Olympus. We don't know what they value. If profit were the only motivation they might quit making cameras all together.

Well Olympus has at times certainly considered that publicly.  They said that at least like three times.

... Whenever you see the 4/3rds telephoto macro lens finished in development and sold, then I will agree with you 4/3rds will carry on.

Well, that is absurd. You know that's not going to happen. The 100 mm macro has been off the table since before the E-5 was released.

Well if that doesn't happen then how is 4/3rds system alive? This is a lens many wanted and a hole in the line up. I don't particularly care about it but the point is, if the system is alive then this should finish.  They were quite into it by the time they decided to can it. But most importantly: *why* did they can it?

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Now that is funny!

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