Color Consistant Strobes

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Color Consistant Strobes

I'm in a pinch. I've been asked to make some budget recommendations for a simple set up with accurate, consistent color (and exposure) for a copy stand set up in another department. In our studio we always use Broncolor but that's way out of budget. I'm thinking of a mono light setup and Paul C Buff's Einstein's plus a couple of strip softboxes would be a good solution. However having dealt with our business office in the past, they might have issues dealing with a "single source" and I'll likely be asked to make other recommendations of comparable equipment that is available through our regular vendors (B&H, Calumet, etc.)

What I'm looking for:

  • Power: around 500-750ws is probably sufficient but needs to be adjustable (for raking light) this is why I'm skipping continuous lights.
  • Accurate color (I'd prefer to avoid fluorescents and LEDs unless I know the SPD curve is not "spike-y" as that could cause color consistency issues)
  • Consistant color. I don't want something where the color temperature can shift significantly from shot-to-shot or where it shifts drastically when changing power... I like the color control circuits in the Broncolors and the Einsteins.
  • Consistant exposure. I want shot-to-shot exposures to be as consistent as possible.
  • Have speed rings available to attach strip softboxes (probably westcott ones)
  • Modeling lights (ones that don't turn off every 15 seconds like Elichrome Rangers)
  • Price for 2 heads less than $2,000

I'm open to other options like power pack strobes (if it fits the price and other requirements) as well as things like LEDs if they are dimmable and I have some proof that there won't be color reproduction issues.

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