For 22mm shooters: Is the 18-55 worth adding?

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Re: It's all about what you want to carry

The EOS M is a significant if not huge boost in image quality over the RX100. The RX100 is a compact, thats why people like it. Anytime RX100 image quality is praised, it is always with a qualifier like "for a compact". It's expensive for a compact because of the 1 inch sensor. Frankly I am not willing to compromise below a 2nd generation CMOS APS-C which already gives up enough. But I exclusively shot film until 2007, so I guess our perspectives on image quality differ.

Also any camera without a hotshoe is not a serious camera, IMO.

If you own an interchangeable lens camera system, you can expect to carry a camera bag. If you need a compact, you need a compact, but no zoom compact on earth performs anywhere near the EOS M.

And mind you, I am certainly not holding up the EOS M as some holy grail.  It's a cheap camera that is good enough for shooting around for fun.  Which the RX100 certainly is not.

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