Why you love your DSLR

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Re: Why you love your DSLR

Let me preface by saying that I'm only talking about mid-to-upper level DSLRs.

For me what sets DSLR, a good one, apart is the viewfinder. Even APS-C DSLRs with a VF magnifier offer a huge window to what you're photographing, something that no EVF or let alone a LCD can do.

The DSLR VF also enables you to see the distortion and perspective as you move around. Out of focus area, dof preview.

The AF-on button is the another feature in mid to up DSLRs that I simply cannot do without. this feature is in some mirror-less as well but so far no mirror-less can show you a preview of out of focus area right in the viewfinder.

Other features of DSLRs, such as battery life, cheap lens options, second hand market, accessories, weather sealing.

A DSLR is a mature product, which has been refined. The stupid heavy design that started in late 80s because of marketing reason is one of its only draw backs but at the same time, if you stick with light zooms or primes its not that bad. in fact the ergonomics of DSLRs makes it easy to carry them for long hours.

hopefully with falling sales DSLRs will get a make over and become smaller.

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