Looking to purchase dslr for minus temperatures

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Re: Looking to purchase dslr for minus temperatures

spytrek007 wrote:

However what if the weather is extremely cold and dry? I don't think that in dry and cold conditions, there would any condensation.

I think you misunderstand what causes the condensation.

Condensation is usually caused by humidity in the indoor air, not in the outdoor air.

Hot air can contain a lot of water and usually does indoor. When you carry a cold camera into a building, the camera will cool the air around it. Now the air is too cold to contain the amount of water it contained before, so some of this water will leave the air and instead condensate on the nearest surface.

I read somewhere that extreme cold causes lcd displays to crack. How true is this?

No idea.

In the past, I have used a few compacts (canon sx110, olympus 800 uz) just over 6000m with no problem mainly because the weather conditions were quite good with the sun out.

I assume the cameras stopped working on Kilimanjaro is because the temperatures must have been quite cold.

This was not a temperature problem.

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