Will the 4/3rds lenses go up in price?

Started Aug 14, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Possibly, the question is when and how much.

If the rumors about the upcoming OMD-Pro being able to AF the ZD lenses quickly, expect HG and SHG glass prices to go up from their current rock bottom levels.

If that AF turns out to be not so good, then prices won't rise much, if any.

As a general yardstick, well cared for used versions of contemporary lenses that fit current popular systems tend to be 10-20% lower than new prices.

With current HG and SHG, it's more like 50-60% lower than list today, so their values are way down. Hmmm... I should probably grab an 11-22 before prices go back up. Had hoped to find a 150F2 at a good price, but that's a rare lens.

Note that current 4/3 SG lenses aren't selling for much of anything. They already AF on M43 fairly well so the upcoming OMD-Pro won't affect that, and smaller M43 equivalents for just about all of the SG lenses exist, so their value probably won't increase any.

Consider that older Leica M glass has risen quite a bit in value since the mirrorless systems came out. That glass couldn't be used on DSLR's, due to the short registration distance. But, it does work very well on the mirrorless systems.

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