Why you love your DSLR

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In praise of the DSLR.....

Since this a thread in defence of the DSLR, based on my month in Iceland this is what I missed about a DSLR:

First and by the far the most important, battery life. Mirrorless cameras go through batteries like anything, especially when you´re camping out in a cold location.  Small camera, small battery, probably more use of the rear screen (even with an OVF equipped mirrorless).   I was amazed how fast I went through my spare batteries and it became a major logistical hurdle planning my trip around places where I could recharge easily.

Secondly a good OVF is still better than an EVF. The good thing about using an X Pro is that you get hte rangefinder style OVF with framelines (at least if you like using rangefinders), but for TTL you must rely on the EVF. Actually for tripod mounted stuff I mostly use the rear screen anyway, but I can well understand the preference for an OVF. Actually I find most APS DSLRs OVFs quite crappy, my Nikon D2X was a definite step back compared to my Minolta film SLRs, and that was at the time, Nikon´s top camera.  But there is just something about a big optical viewfinder.   It must be said that the Fuji´s OVF is much smaller and dimmer than the X Pan it replaced, although it is more versatile in terms of the information it displays.

Finally, the ability to reliably track moving objects is a major strength of DSLRs. I mostly do landscapes macros, static scenes, architectural details etc.  so I don´t care but the few times I did wrestle with uncooperative birdlife, I did miss that.  If you were going to shoot sports like one poster above or lots of wildlife, why would you even consider an X Pro?

What I didn´t miss was image quality. The X pro is competetive with most DSLRs except the most recent FFs and while a D800 clearly would outclass it, I never print above 12x18 anyway since I don´t have enough wallspace so in practical terms, the difference simply isn´t important to me.   To be honest I care about getting the shot I want, the composition, the light, the right viewpoint, whatever, and if I can print up to that size, resolution isn´t the be all and end all.  One prob with the Fuji models is that their DR isn´t the best (or the worst).  That´s one aspect of IQ I´d like ot see imrproved, though with stitching and ND grads it isn´t unsurmountable.  FF mirrorless is certainly possible, ask Leica.

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