Why you love your DSLR

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Re: Why you love your DSLR

I can understand people move to mirrorless, or even smartphones when they are on holliday, some phones can manage to get realy beatifull pictures, off course, on portrets and fast moving subjects they lose from a FF DSLR, but do you take those pictures on holliday??

Today we are connected a lot to social media, and not that much to the photobook annymore, we do not go show off our pictures when we get back home, but when we are on our holliday here the smartphones wins big, you take the picture, and 3min later you get your first like.

Nevertheless, I hate looking at a screen to take pictures. I need a viewfinder. and realy if the sun is shining on your screen

Also i love creative shooting a lot, shooting with filters, bulb mode, fish eye, ....

And, i realy love shooting sports, I even do it on my hollidays, and i do not know anny mirrorless, point and shoot, or smartphone that can outbeat my DSLR there

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