RX1 users. Are you struggling / working around the AF or happy campers?

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RX1 users. Are you struggling / working around the AF or happy campers?

Hi All,

I'm just about to pull the trigger on an RX1 but do have concerns about the AF limitations.

Are people generally happy with the AF or are you going to trade it as soon as an equivalent camera with phase detect is released?

We have a new baby and I have a D700 to cater for the fast action shots later on but I want a FF camera that's easier to carry.

Christmas/birthdays/travel shots I'm hoping can be covered with the RX1. I also have the RX100 and have previously owned the X100. The family do panic a bit when I bring out the D700

I love the shallow DOF bokeh on portraits this camera can produce and found the X100 to be ok but I'd have to get close to the subject to really blur the background. The RX100 is more of a challenge in this regard due to the smaller sensor.

I used to own a Canon 5D with 35mm f1.4L. I loved that combo but hated carrying it.

Is the RX1 the answer or will I be pulling my hair out with missed/out of focus shots due to slow and inaccurate AF?



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