1022 future developments: I want to ask this BEFORE any new cameras are released

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I would not mind a merge of forums.

goblin wrote:

First thing first: This is NOT a "there will be no other 4/3 DSLR" thread. Please don't interpret it this way.

Second, a little history:

- Last year, the OM-D was released. Whether it was the next best thing after sliced bread or not is irrelevant.

But the fact is that it had a profound effect on this very forum, although not being a 4/3 camera: It was discussed so much, there were so many threads about it (here, in the 1022 forum), that eventually some people got fed up with all the noise around it.

- The result was that, although tolerated before, m43 discussions of any sort became almost taboo for a time. People daring mentioning anything m43, even when used with 4/3 lenses, got vehemently kicked back to troll-land. The forum came to a situation where discussing other brands and models was more tolerated than discussing anything m43.

The situation has fortunately calmed down since. Discussing m43 in a relevant 4/3 context (comparisons, purchase choices) seems to not be a problem now, which seems more than normal to me, as this forum has always been open to discussions - that's what a forum is about.

Now, the question(s):

IF a new camera able to handle 4/3 lenses correctly is released soon and IF it happens to NOT be a DSLR and NOT have natively a 4/3 mount - where is it to be discussed ?

A: The m43 forum, because this is a DSLR forum

B: Hey, this would mean more fun with our existing 4/3 lenses. Bring the discussion here.


Now, my point:

I've been through that several times, but let me say it again:

- I care more about my lenses than about anything else. I don't care what I'll attach them on, as long as they work correctly. For what it's worth, if Sigma releases a 4/3 compatible body, I'd buy it. If a cheap chinese copy of say the E-300 is released - I'd buy it.

- "Go to the m43 forum !!!" is too easy of an answer to me. It ignores one simple detail: there are more m43 users who have NEVER owned nor touched a 4/3 lens (most of them still own non-4/3 dslr systems) than users who come from 4/3

- I don't want this forum to become the next Konica Minolta forum. As cute as it is to see one new E-1 thread per day, closed systems (read "System" in the wide term, not as in "Photographic systems") tend to degenerate and die. A forum is like a nuclear submarine - if it stops, it goes to the bottom. If the next 4/3 camera is a classic 4/3 DSLR - great. But there is always a possibility it doesn't come under this form.

Long story short - this is our forum - let's plan ahead.

I would not mind a merge of the FT and µFT forums.

Makes it easier to keep track of discussions that interest me.

If gear becomes interchangeable (not completely of course, but almost), then why not discuss it (and its results) in a single place.

Olympus always said their ultimate aim was "one beautiful system", so if they succeed in doing that, then why not "one happy forum"?

A forum dedicated to lenses only would feel like archeology to me, while of course the point is the opposite : the continued use of FT lenses in a µFT (mirrorless more than micro) environment.

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